How Common are Eating Disorders? What Eating Disorder Treatments are Offered?

how common are eating disordersJust how common are eating disorders and what eating disorder treatments are available? These questions are ones that many people have. If you have a loved one who has one of the eating disorders then you may feel like there is nowhere to turn for help but this is not true. When it comes to the various forms of mental illness eating disorders have the highest rate of fatalities and death out of all mental conditions. Approximately half of people who suffer in silence from one of the many eating disorders will also be clinically depressed. Only 10% of individuals who have an eating disorder receive any type of treatment, and only 35% of this 10% actually receive eating disorder treatment that is specialized for these conditions.

Eating disorders are more common than many people may think. Those who need eating disorder treatment often hide the symptoms of this type of problem from friends and family members. These disorders can affect the health of the individual and cause serious medical complications in many cases. Eating disorder affect males and females, although they are more common in girls and women. The typical age for eating disorders to emerge is usually between 12 years old and 21 years old, although these issues can occur at any time in life. Among adolescents anorexia nervosa is listed as the third most common chronic illness in this age group. The right eating disorder treatments will address the underlying causes of the condition and promote an effective recovery.

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