Is Drug Abuse Among Doctors A Problem?

doctor drug testing, drug abuse among doctorsDrug abuse among doctors is a problem that is growing around the world, and many point out that doctor drug testing could provide dramatic results in many cases by identifying the substance abuse before it can get out of control and guiding the physician to the appropriate resources to get the help needed. Many do not believe that doctors should be immune from being tested for illegal drug abuse, and some point out that drug testing has become common in industries and professions where the safety of the public could be placed at risk due to substance abuse. Since many physicians own their practice and they work independently doctor drug testing is not performed on a wide scale basis, and this puts the public at risk and could harm patients in a number of ways.

Some physicians do not support doctor drug testing, not because there is no problem with drug abuse among doctors but out of fear that a positive test could cause the physician to lose their practicing privileges and make it impossible for the doctor to see and treat patients. Some are calling for wide spread doctor drug testing with the hope of early detection and intervention, so that it does not come down to a physician losing their license and their livelihood. Physicians are no different from the general public, and they can succumb to substance abuse just like anyone else. Because doctors are responsible for patient care many think that these medical professionals should be held to a higher standard, and that doctor drug testing needs to be implemented to protect those patients who are vulnerable.

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