Is Ketamine Abuse in Canada a Common Problem?

ketamine abuse in canada

Ketamine abuse in Canada is not extremely widespread but it can be a problem in certain regions. There are many things that you need to know about ketamine abuse, especially if you or a loved one have a problem with this drug. Ketamine is a drug that combines hallucinogenic, stimulant, and depressant effects on the body, and it can cause serious medical problems or even death when abused. The main use of Ketamine is in the veterinary setting, where this drug is used as an anesthetic on animals who undergo surgery. In rare situations Ketamine may be used to sedate humans for surgery but other sedating drugs are usually used instead. Ketamine abuse in Canada is seen by law enforcement but not in the same numbers as marijuana, heroin, or other drugs that are typically used.

Ketamine abuse in Canada can involve snorting the drug, injecting it, swallowing the liquid or powder after dissolving it in a beverage, or smoking it. This type of substance abuse can be very dangerous, and the drug has been used in the past to sedate individuals so that they can be sexually assaulted or victimized in some other way. Because ketamine can cause hallucinations the user may see or hear things that are not real, and the stimulant effect may make it hard for the user to calm down or sleep. Ketamine abuse in Canada is not an epidemic but it is still a cause for concern with medical and law enforcement professionals. If the user has any mental disorders then the use of ketamine can make these much worse.

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