Is Krokodil the World’s Deadliest Drug?

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Is Krokodil the world’s deadliest drug? Many in the medical community say that this new drug surpasses all others when it comes to the dangers involved. Krokodil first appeared in Russia, and it is considered a cheap heroin alternative that is made from many common chemicals and ingredients that are easily accessed. What makes Krokodil so dangerous is not just the harmful and caustic chemicals used to manufacture the drug. This is one substance that has a very negative effect on almost everyone who uses it. There have been severe infections, tissues that are killed off, and even gangrene and and a number of amputations required because of Krokodil use.

Krokodil may have first started in Russia, as a way for heroin addicts to get a cheap high, but today it has spread to Canada, the USA, and other countries. Doctors in North America report seeing a rise in complications and emergency room visits from Krokodil. The devastating effects that this drug has on the user make it hard to fathom why anyone would take a risk and use the drug even once, but many do. The caustic chemicals used to make desomorphine, the technical name for the synthetic opiate drug called Krokodil on the street, causes the tissue to rot away and can cause many severe medical complications or even death after using it for a short period of time. This heroin alternative is generally less expensive and it can easily be made by someone with a little knowledge and access to many common chemicals and items.

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