Is Marijuana Really a Gateway Drug?

alcohol, gateway drug, marijuanaMarijuana is often referred to as a gateway drug, but is this actually true? There are opposing views on this subject, with studies that show teens and young adults often use marijuana before they turn to harder illicit drugs but that also show that alcohol is typically the first drug that is used. Alcohol is commonly used by teens who are under peer pressure, and this is also true of marijuana. The fact is that alcohol may be just as much of a gateway drug, but does this mean that marijuana is not? The statistics show that both substances can be very harmful, especially when growth and brain development are still occurring. Marijuana use has started to gain social acceptance and has been allowed for medical use in a number of states in the USA but this leads to further concerns.

Marijuana can be a gateway drug for some teens, and this is also true of alcohol. Preventing marijuana and alcohol use requires early prevention and drug education. During the teenage years young adults are the most susceptible to peer pressure, and this may also be responsible for individuals moving up to harder drugs. It is important to give teens and young adults the true facts about both drugs in order to prevent substance abuse. Early intervention is also critical if a problem with drugs or alcohol abuse is suspected. Any substance may be seen as a gateway drug in certain situations. If you suspect that a teen or adult has a problem with marijuana, alcohol, or any other substance then treatment is needed.


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