Is Methamphetamine Use Also Prescription Medication Abuse? What is This Drug Prescribed For?

methamphetamine abuse, prescription medication abuseThere are some medical reasons why a physician may prescribe methamphetamine, but since this drug is a prescription only drug then methamphetamine abuse also qualifies as prescription medication abuse. What is methamphetamine, and why would a doctor prescribe this dangerous drug? ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is the most common reason for this drug to be prescribed. Sometimes methamphetamine may also be used for obesity as a last resort, and only if all other weight loss methods have failed. Often methamphetamine abuse starts with the legitimate use of this medication, but that is not always true. You may start to engage in this type of prescription medication abuse because you have tried a prescription for someone else and quickly became addicted.

Prescription medication abuse involving methamphetamine abuse is becoming more common, and if you are addicted and it is not possible to get pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine you may turn to cheaper street sources which are not as pure and may be contaminated. When you buy drugs off the street they are not manufactured to specific safety standards or quality guidelines, and you may not even be purchasing what you think you are buying. When many people think of prescription medication abuse they usually think of opiate drugs and narcotics first, but methamphetamine abuse is a big problem in many areas of Canada and the USA. Some question whether the current methamphetamine abuse trend mirrors an increase in the number of prescriptions that are written for this drug.


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