Luxury Rehab or Community Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

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If you need treatment for drug abuse or alcohol addiction then you are probably trying to decide between a luxury rehab and a community substance abuse treatment program. This comparison involves many different considerations that need to be evaluated. These considerations include:

  • Price- The cost of a community substance abuse treatment program is typically far less than a luxury rehab when it comes to treating drug abuse or alcohol addiction. It is important to be realistic about your treatment budget so that you can make the right choice in your situation and circumstances.
  • Treatment Methods Used- Look at all the treatment options and methods that are available with the rehab being considered. Individual counseling, nutritional guidance, physical fitness, anger management, and other treatment possibilities are recommended for the best possible results.
  • Location- The location of the luxury rehab or community substance abuse treatment program is critical. Ideally you will go to a program that is not situated in the middle of the area where your substance abuse occurs.
  • Facility Budget- It is important to look at the budget that the facility has for treating clients. A bigger budget may mean more treatment options are offered.
  • Insurance Coverage- Many health insurance policies will cover some type of substance abuse treatment, but few will cover the cost of a luxury rehab program. Since a community substance abuse treatment program normally has a higher relapse rate you may want to pay for the best treatment available if you can afford it.





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