MacKenzie Phillips Just One of Many Celebrities Who Struggled With Heroin Addiction

MacKenzie Phillips heroin addiction MacKenzie Phillips is one of the latest celebrities who have admitted to struggling with substance abuse and heroin addiction in the past. As the rebellious teenage daughter Julie on the very popular comedy television One Day at a Time, and the real life daughter of John Phillips who was part of the famous musical group the Mamas and the Papas. According to MacKenzie “It was a very permissive time in a very rock ’n’ roll world. Pretty much anything went. I can’t characterize it as being strung out as a child. That came later. Certainly, things were set into motion early, but I wasn’t strung out as a 10-, 11- or 12-year-old. It sort of grew. It’s a snowball effect. Nobody starts out as a full-on junkie. It comes over time.”

Today MacKenzie Phillips is one of the celebrities who have successfully beat heroin addiction, and she works a an advocate for addiction recovery. The reasons for Phillips substance abuse are due to early drug abuse and incest according to MacKenzie, and it took her many years to get her career back on track after she was fired from a television show at the young age of 17 years old due to drug abuse. Phillip Hoffman is one of the celebrities with heroin addiction who did not make it through recovery, and his death was a tragic loss for the entire world. Heroin is an insidious drug that creeps up on the user, few start out thinking that they want to end up with a heroin addiction.

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