OD Reversal Kits are Preventing Heroin Overdose Deaths When Available to Friends and Family

OD reversal kits preventing heroin overdose

OD reversal kits can save lives, because these emergency medical kits are designed to counter a heroin overdose in order to prevent death and buy time so that emergency medical treatment can be received. When a heroin overdose happens the individual can slip into an unconscious stupor, and they may stop breathing. The body of the user starts to slow down and shut down during a heroin overdose, and if there is an OD reversal kit n hand this can buy enough time to keep the individual alive until paramedics and other emergency personnel can arrive and take over. According to recent statistics thousands of people are alive today after a heroin overdose because this emergency response kit was available to friends or family members.

OD reversal kits for heroin overdose contain naloxene, also known by the brand name Narcan. This drug can immediately counteract the effects of the heroin in the system and keep the individual alive. Once naloxene is administered the user normally starts to come around quickly. Many have described it as being brought completely awake and being instantly sober once the drug starts to take effect. Many police carry an OD reversal kit in their vehicle, but many are recommending that family and friends of someone with a heroin addiction should also have OD reversal kits available. This factor alone could be the difference between saving the life of a loved one or saying goodbye at their funeral. Many physicians are willing to write a prescription for OD reversal kits because the risk of abuse is pretty much zero.

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