Personal Responsibility is Important for Substance Abuse Recovery

persona responsibilityPersonal responsibility is important for the substance abuse recovery process. While addiction is considered a medical problem it is important that anyone who suffers from addiction take personal responsibility for their actions. Some people are more prone to addiction due to genetic and environmental factors, but this does not mean that the individual has to become addicted. When someone abuses drugs or alcohol they are making a decision to continue with this behavior, and they are responsible for their actions and the consequences. Many recovery programs no longer use the medical model of treatment because this can cause the user to claim that their situation is not their fault, and they do not have to take any personal responsibility for the current situation that they are in.

In order for substance abuse recovery to be successful the individual who is using drugs or alcohol has to take personal responsibility for their life and actions. Until this is done the individual can not fully recover and move forward. In order to get better it is important to search deep inside and identify what causes the addiction, and what makes the user continue on the same destructive path even though they know how the story ends. The individual must recognize that their own decisions and actions are contributing to the problem, and stop blaming others for the current situation. Without personal responsibility rehab will not change much, and the user will continue to blame others for the problems that they face instead of owning these issues and taking steps to correct them.

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