Recreational Xanax Use Causing an Increase in ER Visits

prescription, recreational xanax use

Recreational Xanax use poses many dangers, and an increase in Emergency Room visits over the last few years due to the non medical use of Xanax, and the generic form alprazolam, have gone up considerably. Both Canada and the USA have seen a trend towards prescription drug abuse, and Xanax in both forms is a very popular drug for recreational use. People who engage in this type of substance abuse often fail to realize the dangers, and the result is a need for emergency medical treatment. Recreational Xanax use can lead to physical dependence that can cause a number of physical symptoms. Seizures, tremors, depressed respiration, difficulty being aroused, and other problems can result from Xanax use. If an overdose is taken the muscles in the body can become too relaxed, causing other symptoms and issues as well.

A big issue with recreational Xanax use is combining this prescription medication with other drugs that can slow respiration or depress the central nervous system. According to Pamela S. Hyde, the Administrator of SAMHSA, “When used as directed, alprazolam is safe and effective, but misuse can result in serious health consequences. This report highlights the need to educate people about the dangers of misusing or sharing prescription medications and the importance of properly disposing of unused medication.” Recreational use of prescription drugs is dangerous and should never be done. If you or someone you know has a problem with prescription drug abuse there is help available, all you have to do is seek out treatment for your substance abuse.


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