Risk of Schizophrenia Psychosis Influenced by Brain Structure Size and Genes According to New Research

risk of schizophrenia influenced by brain structure and genesScientific researchers in Switzerland have discovered a link between important brain structure size, genes, and the risk of developing schizophrenia psychosis. The full study findings and conclusions were published in the Translational Psychiatry journal. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that can be both devastating and debilitating, and many people who suffer severe forms of the disorder can not lead a normal and fully functional life because of hallucinations, delusions, and possible psychosis features. In the past this specific mental disorder has been linked with factors that include brain structure size, environment, biology, and even social factors as well. One past study conclusion was that the temporal lobe hippocampus tends to be smaller in schizophrenics when compared to the general population without this disorder.

The link between brain structure size and schizophrenia psychosis is not new, and neither is the association between genes and this mental health disorder. It is not possible for researchers to know whether the differences in brain structure size results from the disorder, the medications, or even if these changes were pre-existing and were present before the schizophrenia was diagnosed. There is still a lot about this mental health disorder that is unknown, and for those with schizophrenia some patients will not respond favorably to any medication or other type of therapy. The latest research could help develop treatments that are more effective and also help predict which patients will develop schizophrenia psychosis so that this can be treated earlier on and will not become severe as a result.

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