Should Vancouver, British Columbia Offer Safe Injection Sites for Drug Abusers?

safe injection sites for drug abusersA controversial policy in Vancouver, British Columbia allows safe injection sites for drug abusers, and some feel like this step is a safety and health issue but others view it as a harmful practice that prevents treatment and recovery for addicts. InSite is located in downtown Vancouver, and there is a steady stream of clients from 10am when the facility opens until 4am when then the clinic closes. InSite is called a safe injection site, and addicts can check in and use one of the sterile injection booths in order to get their fix. There are medical professionals on site in order to help with any medical problems or overdoses, and many lives have been saved because of the medical oversight. Does this clinic foster drug abuse though?

Some believe that InSite provides needed medical care for drug addicts, and they point out that Vancouver has seen falling overdose rates as a result of this facility. Those against safe injection sites and facilities point out that there is no treatment offered, and they compare this clinic to a physician who holds a cigarette for a patient so they don’t get burned by the lit end. The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that drug abusers and addicts have the same right to medical care as others in the population, but some feel that InSite goes too far and encourages drug abuse instead of trying to treat and eliminate these problems. What do you think? Should legal injection sites be offered for drug abusers or do these clinics actually encourage addicts to continue using instead?

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