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  • 5 Health Conditions Associated With Alcohol Abuse

    1. Cirrhosis- Cirrhosis is one of the health conditions associated with alcohol abuse. When you drink heavily this causes scarring and damage to your liver cells and tissues, and these lead to cirrhosis. This is one of the health conditions that can lead to death …

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  • Alcohol Abuse Can Cause Memory Impairment Later in Life

    A recent study has shown that alcohol abuse affects memory, and that alcohol and memory impairment are linked. Current recommendations for alcohol use make it clear that a drink on occasion may not be harmful, and the right drink infrequently can even have a protective …

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  • Alcohol Addiction in Homeless Adults Usually Begins With Alcohol Abuse as Children

    A recent study at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, New York shows that homeless individuals with alcohol addiction usually began their alcohol abuse as children. New York University School of Medicine physician and leas study author Dr. Ryan McCormack stated “For people who have homes and …

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  • Teen Alcohol Abuse is Increasing

    Teen alcohol abuse is on the rise, and the average age that teens take their first drink has become alarming. In the USA females on average will start drinking at age 13, and males will usually start at age 11. There are many risks associated …

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  • Alcohol Abuse can Lead to Alcohol Poisoning and Imminent Death in Some Cases

      Alcohol abuse puts you at a much higher risk for many problems and this type of substance abuse can lead to alcohol poisoning, which can be deadly if emergency medical treatment is not sought immediately. Alcohol has both short term and long term effects, …

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  • When Does Alcohol Use Become Alcohol Abuse?

    When does alcohol use become alcohol abuse? The answer depends on the individual, and every case is different. When alcohol dependence starts the alcohol use becomes part of a destructive pattern, one that spirals out of control very quickly in many cases. Some factors to …

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  • What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

      What is a high functioning alcoholic? This is a very common question. A high functioning alcoholic is not someone that most would think has an alcohol abuse problem. These individuals tend to have important careers, they are often raising a family, and they appear …

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