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  • How is Drug Addiction Defined?

    Drug addiction, often the result of long term drug abuse, is a chronic condition that often includes relapse and that includes compulsive use of drugs. The individual will spend large amounts of time seeking out drugs if they are not readily available. Most people make …

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  • 5 Reasons Designer Drugs Are so Dangerous

    1. When a designer drug is used the individual does not actually know what they are taking. Samples of different batches which are supposed to be the same drug will often show a large difference in the components of the substance. One dose may contain …

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  • Why is a Permanent Recovery From Drug Abuse so Difficult for Many People?

      A permanent recovery from drug abuse can be very difficult for most people, and often relapse is part of the recovery process. Few people recover completely without relapsing at least once, and one reason for this is the nature of drug addiction. When drugs …

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  • What and When is National Drug Facts Week?

    National Drug Facts Week is an annual event that lasts for one week, and it is designed to help prevent teen drug abuse and eliminate some of the most common myths about substance abuse. In 2015 the event will be held from January 26 through …

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  • Rare Medical Condition Linked to Teen Ecstasy Use

    Teen ecstasy use is increasing in some areas of Canada and the United States, and recently this type of drug abuse has been linked to a rare medical condition. A case has been uncovered that links teen ecstasy use with a rare medical condition called …

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  • Can You Identify the Need for Drug Abuse Treatment?

    Identifying the need for drug abuse treatment is crucial, because early detection and treatment will increase the odds of a permanent recovery and fewer relapses during the rehab process. There are some signs that can help you quickly identify the need for drug abuse treatment …

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  • Recreational Xanax Use Causing an Increase in ER Visits

    Recreational Xanax use poses many dangers, and an increase in Emergency Room visits over the last few years due to the non medical use of Xanax, and the generic form alprazolam, have gone up considerably. Both Canada and the USA have seen a trend towards …

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