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  • How is Drug Addiction Defined?

    Drug addiction, often the result of long term drug abuse, is a chronic condition that often includes relapse and that includes compulsive use of drugs. The individual will spend large amounts of time seeking out drugs if they are not readily available. Most people make …

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  • How Common is Substance Abuse Among Professionals?

    Substance abuse among professionals is far more common than many people think. Often the idea of drug addiction or alcohol abuse involves mental images of someone who has lost control, probably homeless or without a job, but this is false. Many professionals have a substance …

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  • 5 Facts About How Drug Addiction Affects the Brain

      All substances that cause drug addiction affect the dopamine levels of the brain, causing the levels of this neurotransmitter to increase in the tissues of the brain. When dopamine levels rise the user experiences a sense of pleasure. This sense of pleasure is what …

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