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  • What Causes Eating Disorders? Can These Mental Disorders be Cured?

    Eating disorders can be very dangerous mental disorders, and these conditions have caused many deaths. What causes them though, and can they be cured? There is no single factor that can be pointed to as a root cause for developing an eating disorder, but there …

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  • 3 Common Eating Disorders Explained

    There are a variety of eating disorders that can be diagnosed, and these mental disorders can be very challenging to treat for many reasons. The 3 most common types of eating disorders that are diagnosed are anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating. While these mental …

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  • Are Prescription Medications the Solution for Mental Disorders?

    Millions of people in Canada and the USA suffer from one or more mental disorders, and often prescription medications are the first type of treatment offered. Many physicians and mental health experts are very pressed for time, with a high patient load and often only …

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  • Mental Disorders Especially Depression May Involve Small Signs

    Mental disorders are much more common than many people believe, and sometimes the signs of an issue are small and may not be obvious as a sign of depression or other mental health issue. Depression does not necessarily mean being unable to get out of …

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  • How Effective is Treatment for Mental Disorders?

    Mental disorders come in all shapes and sizes, from mild disorders that typically do not interfere with most areas of normal life to extremely debilitating conditions like severe schizophrenia which can make even ordinary tasks impossible on a daily basis. Mental health treatment can be …

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  • Signs and Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder to Watch For

    Do you know someone with borderline personality disorder or one of the many other mental disorders? The odds are that the answer is yes even if you don’t know it. Each individual who has borderline personality disorder may display all of the common signs and …

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  • Risk Factors for Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline personality disorder is one of the mental disorders that has no clear cut causes. Many experts believe that this specific disorder develops because of a combination of different factors. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to this mental disorder because of their family and medical …

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  • Signs of Mental Illness to Watch For

    There are many signs of mental illness, depending on the specific mental disorders involved. Some signs that indicate medical help should be sought include: Frequently feeling blue, sad, or down in the dumps. Substance abuse, often caused by an attempt to self medicate the symptoms …

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  • What is Mental Illness?

    Mental illness is a phrase that is used to cover a wide range and variety of mental disorders. All of these conditions will impact the behavior, thoughts, and/or moods of the individual. There are many different mental disorders, and each one can range from very …

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  • Are Sexual and Gender Disorders Also Mental Disorders?

    Sexual and gender disorders are classified as mental disorders, although there are some who believe that this should not be the case because of the stigma that mental illness can include. This category of disorders can include gender identity disorder, sexual dysfunction due to mental …

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