Tips on Secure Storage for Prescription Pain Medication

secure storage of prescription medication

  • Secure storage for prescription pain medication is essential. There are many people who will steal these drugs or misuse and abuse them. Always keep all of these types of drugs securely locked in a room, a drug storage box, or another location where they can not be accessed without permission. This will keep anyone from taking some of the medication.
  • Always make sure that child proof caps are on the bottle properly. These caps are designed to prevent younger children from opening drug bottles, but if the cap is not properly secured then it is not really childproof.
  • Go through all of your prescription medications on a regular basis to make sure that any which are outdated or no longer needed or used are properly disposed of. Outdated drugs can be very dangerous, and if these are left in the medicine cabinet or other place in the home they may be ingested by mistake.
  • When disposing of prescription medications dump the pills out of the bottle, and either dispose of them in the trash or flush them down the toilet if this is the recommended disposal method. If you are disposing these drugs in the trash it is recommended that the pills are mixed in with an unwanted substance, like coffee grounds or old kitty litter, to make it less likely that these drugs are removed from the garbage and diverted for illegal use.
  • Always do a pill count when taking prescription pain medication, even if the drugs are in secure storage, to ensure that none are missing. Many people are very trusting, and these drugs end up diverted for illegal use.

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