Various ADHD Symptoms May be Age Related

age related ADHD symptoms

ADHD symptoms are an important indication that something is wrong, but these symptoms may be age related and can be exhibited differently by different age groups. The same symptoms can be displayed in completely different ways. This makes it important to know the age of the individual as well as any possible ADHD symptoms that they are displaying. One example is that children 12 and under may be very easily distracted, while this same symptom may be displayed by a teenager as an inner restlessness and an adult may show inattention or have issues with concentration and focus. During childhood hyperactivity is very common but this may become less pronounced once the individual becomes a teenager or adult, while losing things and failing to properly judge available time or making impulsive decisions may be ADHD symptoms in adults.

Keep in mind the fact that many ADHD symptoms can be age related. This will make it easier to take note of the possible signs of this condition. If you or someone you know displays any ADHD symptoms then these should be evaluated by a mental health professional. Simply experiencing some of the signs of this mental disorder does not necessarily mean that you have ADHD. Only a well trained mental health professional can evaluate all of the potential factors in each case and make an accurate diagnosis. ADHD is a condition that can be treated, even though there is no cure known at this time. An accurate diagnosis and a well planned treatment regimen can help those with ADHD lead normal lives at any age.

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