What are 12 Step Programs for Substance Abuse and Do They Work?

12 Step Programs for Substance Abuse

12 step programs for substance abuse use 12 steps to help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction and turn your life over to a higher power. For many people a 12 step program can be very beneficial, but going through the different steps can be difficult and the person using the drugs or alcohol must want to change. Many inpatient rehab facilities offer 12 step programs, and this is also a common component of outpatient substance abuse treatment as well. With this type of program the very first step is to admit that you have a problem, and that you are powerless over the drug or alcohol that is being abused. Until you admit that there is a problem and you need help you are in denial, and you can not start to recover while you deny that there is a problem.

There is a spiritual component to 12 step programs that is not based on any specific religion or individual faith, rather a faith in a higher power is invoked. When substance abuse recovery includes a 12 step program the results are usually better, and you will have a higher chance of being free from substance abuse. There is no magic bullet when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, you must take it one day at a time during your recovery. Using 12 step programs along with other treatment methods, and having a wide support network in place, can help you achieve the permanent recovery that you want and need.

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