What are Sober Living Facilities?

Sober Living FacilitiesSober living facilities are for those who are recuperating from drug abuse and addiction. After undergoing treatment and departing the rehab facility, most clients are not fully ready to transition into maintaining their sobriety alone. This can cause major relapses that require repeated enrollment into rehabilitation treatment. Sober living facilities are also known as half-way houses or sober recovery houses, which share the same goal. Sober living facilities help to make the transition from inpatient treatment to full-time sobriety simpler for recuperating addicts and individuals with substance abuse issues.


Sober living facilities help recuperating clients adjust to normal life outside of treatment. Enrollment into one of these facilities can strengthen the recovery progress and help the client build the strength to endure pressure from friends, family and peers. Sober living facilities provide the recovering addict with a safe atmosphere and an organized living arrangement. Many of these facilities provide access to 12 Step program conferences, group therapy participation, physical rehabilitation, private counseling sessions and other events that encourage ongoing sobriety.

Most sober living facilities will offer group therapy several times a week, however, private individual counseling may not be offered. This kind of counseling is more expensive due to its one-on-one nature. Few sober living facilities have the budget to offer weekly individual counselling, despite the fact that it is the best way to achieve a complete recovery. Every facility enforces rules that clients are required to follow, such as not using alcohol or drugs and never becoming violent or abusive towards other clients.

Much like rehabilitation, sober living facilities are all different, with varying budgets, rules and resources. Selecting one of these facilities based exclusively on cost is a mistake. The sober living facilities that provide private counseling will be considerably more expensive but will statistically strengthen the client’s sobriety. Valiant Recovery offers facilities for sober living which are comfortable, supportive and efficient. This enables you to focus on your recovery with no added stress or relapse risks. We can provide you with the strength you need to face the world sober.

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