What are the True Costs of Drug Abuse in North America?

substance abuse, true costs of drug abuse in north americaThe true costs of drug abuse in North America are very hard to identify. These costs need to include the medical expenses, legal costs, lost productivity, missed school days, and the actual price of the drugs that were purchased. Substance abuse can be a very expensive habit to maintain, and if you have this habit then most of your time will be spent looking for drugs, using drugs, or trying to come up with the money to buy drugs. You will typically end up missing school or work because of the substance abuse, and this can have an economic impact on your future. If you get caught possessing drugs or being under the influence of illegal substances then the criminal fines, court courts, and even time missed from work or lost employment because fo incarceration can be very high.

Some speculate that the true costs of drug abuse in North America is in the billions or even trillions of dollars. Coming up with an exact number is impossible, so there is no real way to tell the total of the true costs of drug abuse in North America. If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse there are programs out there which are highly effective, and treatment centers that can offer hope for the future and a chance at a permanent recovery. You are not alone, millions of people in North America struggle with some form of substance abuse. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem that you need help with.


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