What Everyone Should Know About Antisocial Personality Disorder

antisocial personality disorder, mental illnessMental illness can be devastating, and this is especially true of antisocial personality disorder. This disorder does not just affect the individual, it also has a profound effect on society as well. It is not known what causes every case of antisocial personality disorder but there are some causative factors that are linked to this form of mental illness. Certain environmental and genetic factors play a role, and child abuse is a common denominator in many cases. Many individuals who are incarcerated for serious or violent crimes have this type of disorder, and many medical professionals believe that this is a less severe form of psychopathic PD while others view it differently and feel that antisocial PD is the same thing as psychopathic PD.

People who have antisocial personality disorder are experts at manipulation, and they often exploit others or violate the rights of other people. Childhood cruelty to animals and fire setting are common signs of this mental illness. Individuals who have a parent who is an alcoholic or who has this form of mental disorder have a higher risk than the general population. This is one of the most difficult types of mental disorder to treat, and the jails and prisons are full of people who have this mental illness. These individuals can act quite charming, and have the ability to manipulate others easily. People who have antisocial PD do not feel or express any remorse or guilt over their actions, and they disregard the safety and feelings of others. These individuals are seen as arrogant and they are often angry, an dthey are experts at breaking the law.

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