What is Crack Cocaine and Who Uses It?

crack cocaineCrack cocaine is a form of cocaine that has a crystal or rock like structure instead of being in powder form, and this drug is smoked instead of snorted or injected. This drug was named crack because when heat is applied so that the drug can be smoked a popping or cracking noise can be heard. Anyone who is addicted to crack cocaine needs substance abuse treatment, and this drug can cause addiction quickly. Some people become hooked after using crack cocaine just one or two times, while others are heavier users who abuse crack but who have not yet become addicted. This form of cocaine enters the brain faster, and it provides a powerful high that is stronger but that only lasts about 10-20 minutes at the most. When the high wears off the user is on the search again.

The individuals who use crack cocaine and require substance abuse treatment for this drug abuse cover a broad spectrum of the population. Users range in age from teens or even younger up to elderly seniors with decades of life behind them. Crack cocaine is a problem for all ages and income levels, and today it is used by the wealthy as well as the inner city poor. Until crack cocaine appeared cocaine was considered a drug that only the rich did, but crack changed all that and greatly increased the number of people who need substance abuse treatment as a result. This rock form lowered the cost of cocaine substantially and made it easy to afford for even lower income residents in an area.

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