What is Meow Meow and What You Should Know About This Drug

meow meow drug

Meow Meow is a designer drug which has the technical name of Mephedrone. It is a stimulant in a powder form, and it has been described as across between cocaine and MDMA. Meow Meow can be snorted, eaten, injected, smoked, and produced in pill form. The first reports of this designer drug surfaced in 2011, and was sometimes sold as products labeled ivory bath salts. One of the most well known cases of Meow Meow use is the British teenager who stabbed his mother and then mutilated his penis trying to remove it while the 19 year old was under the influence of this designer drug. At one point the UK club scene was a popular place to find Meow Meow although the use of this substance has decreased some since the height of popularity.

Meow Meow is a highly dangerous designer drug which can cause the user to experience a wide range of negative effects. Psychosis, hallucinations, aggression, violence, and agitation are just some of the problematic side effects that have been seen with this substance. Just like almost every other drug an addiction to Meow Meow can develop although the addiction may be in the form of a mental addiction instead of a physical dependence. Since the drug was first publicized many jurisdictions have taken steps to ban Meow Meow and similar designer drugs but there have been issues. Law enforcement and legislators around the globe have struggled to keep up with the new drugs that are being offered on the street. Until recently simply changing the chemical structure of a designer drug by one or more molecules produced something completely new which was not illegal unless the entire drug class was banned.

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