What is Paranoid Schizophrenia

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Paranoid schizophrenia is one of the mental disorders that can have a very profound effect on the life of the person with this condition. Schizophrenia ha a number of subtypes, and paranoid is one of these. Someone who suffers from this type of the mental illness will usually experience delusional thoughts and auditory hallucinations, and these typically center around conspiracy ideas and persecution. In spite of these symptoms someone who is diagnosed with this subtype of the disease will have a better chance to function better in employment and with society as long as the symptoms are treated and managed. Usually someone with paranoid schizophrenia tends to be older, and this subtype tends to occur later on in life for some reason. With successful management this subtype of schizophrenia is seen in people who lead successful and meaningful lives.

Anyone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia may eventually be classified with paranoid schizophrenia if certain symptoms start to appear. Being classified in one subtype of this mental disorder only refers to the current symptoms experienced, and an individual with this condition may switch between subtype categories as the disease waxes and wanes. Someone with the paranoid form of schizophrenia may get hostile at times, and they may believe that others are out to get them or harm them in some way. Without proper treatment paranoid schizophrenia can cause the disease to become very severe, making the individual dangerous to themselves and others if they are not diagnosed and treated before this point is reached.

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