What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?

mental illness, schizoid personality disorderSchizoid personality disorder is a form of mental illness, and this condition can be mild, severe, or anywhere in between these two extremes. Someone who has this type of PD is generally more focused on internal factors and is less focused on the external world around themselves. Someone who suffers from schizoid personality disorder is usually introverted, with a sense of aloofness and a detachment from the world around them. These individuals tend to be prone to fantasy and they engage in introspection more often than most people. Someone with this disorder will not be interested in relationships, either socially or sexually, and they typically seem indifferent to other people. Someone with schizoid personality disorder does not conform to the normal conventions and social norms and the usual emotional responses that most people have are missing from individuals who have this mental illness.

Someone who suffers from severe schizoid personality disorder may seem to be cold, uncaring, or callous to others around them. Most cases of this mental illness do not receive treatment, because individuals with this form of PD are usually able to function in society and the mental illness does not interfere with usual daily responsibilities. The individual with this disorder may not feel the need to seek treatment, and the lack of usual interactions and normal relationships is not seen as a problem. Some believe that these individuals have a richer than normal inner life and that they are incredibly sensitive even though their demeanor does not reflect this sensitivity.

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