Addiction to Alcohol


Addiction to AlcoholAlcoholism is seldom an addiction that develops rapidly. It usually begins as a habit and subtly works its way into an addiction over the span of several years as gradually increasing quantities of alcohol are consumed. As alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream, it attaches to receptors in the brain. These receptors become damaged by prolonged alcohol abuse and the functions of the brain begin to deteriorate. However, the body has become dependent on and tolerant to the effects of the substance, and demands an ever-increasing supply of it in order to feel its effects.

This damaging cycle leads to the eventual destruction of the addict’s personal life and physical health, which is why detecting the signs of alcoholism early on is invaluable. The warning signs of alcoholism may range from the time of day that alcohol consumption begins in, to how often it is ingested, to indications of physical deterioration, and many other factors. The best thing you can do to prevent alcoholism in yourself or in your loved ones is to address warning signs promptly and honestly, so that treatment can be sought before the addiction takes control of the addict.

Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

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How Valiant Recovery can Help

If the warning signs are present, consulting with a professional rehabilitation counselor, like those found at Valiant Recovery, is highly recommended. Our qualified staff offers expert support through the process of intervening on, diagnosing and detoxifying an alcohol addiction so that long-term treatment can begin quickly. Loved ones who are in denial of their problem may require our professional intervention services, which are highly specialized in order to manage the sensitive, emotional life event that intervention is. We can connect you with medical professionals who can evaluate the addict’s condition and determine whether or not a detoxification is necessary. In many cases of alcoholism, the addict’s body is too dependent on the substance to quit without danger of severe withdrawal symptoms, such as illness, seizure and even death. Please do not attempt detoxification without medical supervision present to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Once detoxification is complete, enrollment in an alcohol rehabilitation program can begin. At Valiant Recovery, we fiercely protect the sobriety of our clients through careful monitoring, and are trained to diagnosis any mental disorders that may be accompanying the addiction to alcohol. We approach addiction with the awareness that its origins are as complex and unique as the individuals who are affected by them. For this reason, we customize our recovery plans around each of our client’s individual needs and circumstances. The practice of one-on-one counselling sessions is highly emphasized in our treatments to help identify and heal the root causes of each individual’s personal addiction. Other counselling methods we employ include group sessions, which build peer support and perspective, and widely circulated treatment models such as the “12 Step Program,” which was original introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous. Therapeutic expression in the form of art creation and journaling are a regular practice, as well as the experiential therapies of exercise, physical recreation and interaction with nature.

When the inpatient treatment program is complete, we will remain an ongoing support system to you as you return to the rewards and challenges of your day-to-day life. An aftercare specialist will devise a relapse prevention plan with you and connect you to the support networks in your local area so that you will never be alone in your battle for ongoing sobriety.   Alcoholism is one of the most common, and the most devastating, forms of addiction treated by rehabilitation centers today. The addict and those they are close to often experience a heavy amount of turmoil before the addiction is brought under control. At Valiant Recovery, we pride ourselves on encouraging the well-being of the entire person and their loved ones, not just the correction of the alcohol addiction. Our thirty, sixty and ninety day programs treat addictions to alcohol and drugs with personalized care, a range of successful therapies and proven clinical methods.

Alcohol Treatment: The Facts

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