Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

The Significance Of Diet, Health And Fitness in Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment

fitness rehabAn important aspect of recovery is achieving good health through a daily workout program and healthy eating. A significant part of Valiant Recovery’s program is giving our clients access to a local gym, information on a healthy diet. Sufficient relaxation, good nutrition and a workout program can greatly help with your process of recovery and with stress management.

Healthy, delicious foods are prepared for our clients every day. We do not believe you need to sacrifice taste for health. Our menu offers a multitude of foods and flavors for a balanced diet. We employee culinary staff members to provide a number of menu options within our dining area.

We also provide leisure therapy options, such as volleyball, equine therapy, nature walks, golf, skiing and biking. We can also connect our clients with massage therapy and chiropractic care options.


At Valiant Recovery we feel that the diet and recovery are largely connected. A balanced diet Nutrition in Rehabcan play a major role in preventing relapse, while an unhealthy lifestyle may lead to relapse. At Valiant Recovery, we promote an ongoing healthy diet, which in turn promotes an enduring recovery. Alcohol and sugar have similar chemical qualities. People entering recovery sometimes possess a strong inclination to binge on candy, pastries and other sweets. This can trigger spikes and crashes in bloodstream sugar levels, which can intensify the irritability and mood swings commonly associated with early sobriety.


Physical exercise is particularly useful in helping clients with their sobriety,

because it regulates the body’s production of hormones and the pleasure triggers within the brain, creating an all natural drug-free high.

Exercise is a highly effective method for combating daily stress and can function as prevention against relapse.

At Valiant Recovery, the workout program is made up of a minimum of three days in the club or pool, in addition to a full day’s entertainment. Entertainment is a natural stress release, and a therapy for the body and the mind.

Nicotine Addiction

Many recovery treatment facilities prefer not to treat nicotine addictions, the logic being that the client is already going through enough in their battle for sobriety and taking away their cigarettes would create added stress. As with every other dependency, nicotine is used as an escape and it contains a very addictive substance. We do not require our clients to quit smoking, but we do recommend that our clients work on leaving behind their nicotine addiction, even if it has to be a very gradual process. We will give you support to help you through this difficult process.

Our primary motivation in ending the smoking habit is this: all the alcohol and drug rehab treatment in the world will not do you any good if a nicotine addiction ends your life. Among destructive substance addictions, smoking has the greatest mortality rates.

Further details are collected from website Smoking

  • 50-percent of all people who smoke cigarettes long term will die of tobacco-related causes.
  • Every 8-seconds, an individual loses their life somewhere on the planet due to tobacco; totaling roughly five-million deaths every year.
  • Tobacco is likely to claim one-billion lives this century unless serious anti-smoking attempts are made on a global level.
  • The filters in cigarettes are comprised of thin plastic material known as cellulose acetate. Cigarette filters may take between eighteen weeks and ten-years in their decomposition.
  • There is enough nicotine in four or five cigarettes to kill the average adult if consumed whole. Most people who smoke consume less than 2 mg of nicotine per cigarette.
  • Cigarettes create a life of addicted slavery, plus a number of chronic, debilitating ailments and eventual death.



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