Horseback Riding as Therapy

At Valiant Recovery, clients will spend a day at the nearby horse stables. Clients will learn how to ride a horse as a professional instructor guides them through aided equine activities.

Horseback Riding, Therapy

Equine Therapy creates a valuable emotional connection with a fellow creature. It is very beneficial for individuals struggling with emotional, physical and cognitive conditions. Equine therapy improves focus, coordination, confidence, independence, social and motor skills, and teaches academic abilities, companionship, leadership and responsibility. Horses give us a feeling of safety and protection, helping us defeat the avoidance, anger and isolation that addiction creates. Horses possess a soothing effect which helps the rider forget about past negative occasions by replacing them with new, positive ones. And because there is an immediate correlation between action and reaction in equine therapy, the rider will also develop a take-charge attitude.

To understand the advantages of equine therapy, you have to be prepared to try new things, make changes and confront your fears. You will establish communication with an animal on a nonverbal level, creating a rewarding relationship. Riding empowers and strengthens the rider, creating a unique relatonship.

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