5 Designer Drugs With Devastating Consequences

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1. Flakka- Flakka is one of the newest designer drugs to hit the street. This substance can cause the user to act in a crazed manner, becoming paranoid and suffering from a high body temperature which makes the user want to take their clothes off. Angry outbursts, extreme rage, screaming, and acts of extreme violence have been seen in users.

2. Bath Salts- This form of designer substance abuse is extremely dangerous, and users often have extreme reactions. The user may become very violent and aggressive, even going so far as to physically attack and sometimes seriously wound or even kill complete strangers. This drug made news when footage of a man eating the face of a homeless victim was published, the user in this case wqas killed by police.

3.Meow Meow- Mephedrone, also known by the street name Meow Meow, is a stimulant that can have very dangerous side effects. The most publicized story about this synthetic substance involves a British teenager who amputated his own penis while on Meow Meow.

4. Molly- Molly is a form of designer substance abuse that has been responsible for a number of deaths in North America. This drug is a type of MDMA which is very powerful, and a well known concert in New York called the Electric Zoo was terminated when deaths from Molly were discovered.

5. Krokodil- This is one of the designer drugs that has very severe and often fatal consequences. Krokodil is a synthetic drug that first surfaced in Russia, and it involves a relative of morphine which is cut with household solvents. Users who inject this drug often end up with abscesses and even gangrene, but these risks have not stopped people from using it.

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