5 Personality Disorders Explained

mental illness, personality disorder

1. Paranoid PD- Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by distrust, even of those closest to the individual including their family and spouse. Suspicion is one of the most evident symptoms of this disorder, and the individual is very guarded. Someone with paranoid PD looks for signs that their suspicions are correct, and they are often withdrawn.

2. Schizoid PD- This form of mental illness causes detachment, and the individual may seem aloof, introverted, and prone to fantasy. These individuals will seem indifferent to other people and they have no desire for relationships of all types. Someone who has this disorder is typically indifferent to the norms of society and typical convention.

3. Schizotypal Disorder- Schizotypal personality disorder causes individuals to have abnormal thinking and behavioral patters which are usually seen in schizophrenia as well. Individuals with this type of PD will often seem odd in their appearance, their speech, and their behavior. Someone with this disorder may have odd beliefs, and they may be suspicious of others.

4. Antisocial PD- This form of mental illness is more commonly diagnosed in men although women may have this disorder as well. These individuals are callous, and have no concern or empathy for other people. The rules and obligations of society are not followed by those with antisocial PD, and these are people who do not feel guilt or compassion.

5. Borderline PD- Borderline personality disorder involves abandonment fears and the sensation of emptiness in the individual, and these individuals usually have relationships that can be very intense but that are also extremely unstable at the same time. Other signs of this illness include impulsive behaviors, periodic episodes of anger and outbursts of violence, and threats of self harm or suicide.

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