5 Ways to Develop A Strong Support System

1. A strong support system is necessary in order for you to recover from substance abuse, and your family can be an incredible source of support when you need it in most cases. Talk with trusted family members about what is going on and find out if they are willing to be part of your support network.

2. Friends can also play a role in developing a strong support system, but only friends that do not also need to recover from substance abuse. Usually alcohol or drug use can change your social circle and many of your friends now may not truly have your best interests at heart.

3. Online support groups can be very beneficial if you need help or you are trying to recover. Thanks to the popularity of the Internet you will find support groups for almost any type of substance abuse, addiction, or mental disorder that you may be struggling with.

4. Find out about meetings that are designed to help you recover from substance abuse, such as AA or NA. You will get the support that you need and find others who share your problem. In larger cities there are organizations which hold meetings every day, and sometimes several times a day, so support is always available.

5. If you are trying to build a strong support system so that you can fully recover from substance abuse then consider a sober living facility. These facilities have staff available around the clock, and they can help you stay sober once you get treatment so you have a lower risk of relapse.



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