Does Excessive Internet Use Increase Drug Abuse Risks

excessive internet use, drug abuse risks

Excessive Internet use has been shown to increase the drug abuse risks in all ages, and this increase is especially high in teens and young adults. According to National Committee for Narcotics Control director of studies Saeed Faleel Al-Sriaha “Excessive use of the Internet and social networking sites increases the risks of addiction and drug abuse among people, especially teenagers.” The director noted that depression, suicide, poor performance in academics, and poor sleep patterns have all been reported as a result of hyper-networking. Saeed Faleel Al-Sriaha cautioned that “All individuals, and especially students, need to be mindful of the adverse impact of excessive use of the Internet and advised the attendees to use social media sites moderately and wisely.” Many studies have shown that there has been a substantial increase in social networking and excessive Internet use.

Excessive Internet use can be an addiction, and this can lead to an increase in drug abuse risks as well. People who have one addiction may be more likely to develop addictions to other substances or activities. Excessive Internet use should never be ignored, and if you have a teen or other loved one who tends to spend hours on social network sites or who seem to be on the Internet constantly then they may need help. In addition to higher risks for drug abuse the link to depression and suicide means that treatment is required. There are a number of qualified treatment programs who can treat Internet addiction, substance abuse, and any mental disorders at the same time.


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