Is Spice Use in Canada Common?

designer drugs, spice use in canada

Spice use in Canada has seen an increase in the last decade, and these designer drugs can be deadly. Spice is a synthetic blend of various herbs that have been sprayed with compounds that cause the user to get the same effects as smoking marijuana, and these designer drugs are illegal to use, produce, or sell in Canada and the United States both. There is no actual marijuana in the herbal mixture, and many people use these synthetic drugs in order to pass a drug test without having to stop their drug use. The drug is either smoked or swallowed, and it can have devastating effects on the user. Typically spice is sold in foil pouches or clear transparent bags, and these products do not list the actual compounds that are used on the herbs to produce an effect similar to marijuana.

There are many different blends that may be called Spice, and law enforcement has seen an increase in spice use in Canada in recent years. In some cases these designer drugs can trigger psychiatric disorders or aggravate any mental illness conditions that the user has. Since these are illegal designer drugs there is no way of really telling what is in the package, and sometimes other designer drugs including bath salts may be mixed into the spice. The user may experience hallucinations or even psychosis. In the USA there have been reports of kidney failure and other serious medical problems from spice. The long term effects from spice use can be a problem, even after a substantial period of time has passed without use of the drug.


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