Addiction Help

addiction helpAddiction Help for Drug, Alcohol, Prescriptions, or Process Addictions.

We have gathered together these resources that will help you determine if you are a good fit for our programs at Valiant Recovery. Valiant Recovery is an Rehab Center that focuses on providing drug abuse help as well as alcohol addiction treatment in a safe caring atmosphere.

Below are the typical questions of recovery that we help our clients walk through.  In each phase we take great care and consideration to make sure that our clients are getting the support that they need to dramatically increase the chances of living a sober life free from substance abuse and addiction.

AM I ADDICTED?           

Our Questionnaire will help you look at yourself or a loved one honestly as to if there is truly an addiction present.


There are typical warning signs of addictions, we have listed them for you.


Addictions come in many shapes and forms.  These are common addictions that we help treat.


Which Mental Health Issues are commonly involved  in Addictions?

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