Therapy through Art

Art treatments are a significant kind of therapy. Utilizing artistic expression helps you evaluate your cognitive, developmental and emotional conditions.

art therapy

In art therapy sessions at Valiant Recovery, you will have the opportunity to express yourself by using a variety of art materials. This process is not for the purpose of developing your artistic ability, but rather is meant to be a creative expression with the internal goal of self discovery. Art by itself is extremely significant, and can have deep meanings. One deep type of communication is symbolic imagery, which is a useful method to uncovering underlying feelings and thoughts. It can be useful in sorting through complex conflicts, issues and feelings. It enables the artist to communicate outside of words, attaining self awareness and connections with others. Creative processes can improve health and personal growth.

The goal of art therapy is to use creative insight to work through life’s challenges. It can enhance healthy mental processes and provide you with a better understanding of life itself. It enables good decision making, coping abilities and conflict resolution, increasing cognitive and relationship capabilities.

By combining traditional psycho-therapeutic ideas and methods with a knowledge of the mental facets of the creative process, art therapy stresses the importance of art creations solving conflicts, fixing problems and creating new awareness that consequently result in positive healing, change and growth. The artist uses the artistic process as recovery, and to explore relevant therapeutic and personal information.

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