Alcohol Abuse Self Assessment

Alcohol Abuse Self AssessmentDo I really have a problem with Alcohol?

Each person’s “bottom” is different. Some people recognize they are in trouble early. What you need to ask yourself is, “How far down do I want to go before I make an effort to come back up?” or “How much am I willing to risk the possibility that I’ll never make it back up?”


In the following self-assessment, answer the questions honestly either Yes or No and keep tally of how many of each you have. This only takes a minute and could help you better gauge whether or not you might have a problem with  alcohol.

  1. Have you ever decided to stop your drinking and been unable to do so for any length of time?
     YES NO
  2. Are other people bothered by your intake of alcohol? Do they make comments or make it apparent they are uncomfortable around you when you are intoxicated?
     YES NO
  3. Have you ever made an attempt to stop using or drinking by switching from beer to liquor, liquor to beer, heroin to pills or from hard drugs to pot and found that either you were unsuccessful or that you just added a new “flavor” to your drinking and using?
     YES NO
  4. In the past year have you ever had a drink upon waking up to feel better from the night before?
     YES NO
  5. Do you wish you could be like other people who drink and / or use and do not get in trouble? Do you envy them?
     YES NO
  6. In the past year have you been in trouble at school, work or with the law as a result of drinking ?
     YES NO
  7. In the past year has your drinking caused problems at home with your family, children, parents or spouse?
     YES NO
  8. Do you ever sneak drinks at parties or get “buzzed” before attending social events so that people can’t gauge how much you are using or drinking?
     YES NO
  9. Do you tell yourself that you can quit anytime but still get drunk and or high without meaning to?
     YES NO
  10. Have you missed school, work or important family commitments because you were high, hung-over or drunk?
     YES NO
  11. Do you ever have “blackouts” or periods you can’t remember while drinking?
     YES NO
  12. Have you ever felt that if you could only quit using or drinking that your life would be much better?
     YES NO


What’s your score?

You answered yes to less than two questions:

Your answers suggest that drinking may not be a  problem for you.

You answered yes to between 2 and 4 questions:

Your self-assessment responses suggest that your usual drinking pattern could be getting in the way of your ability to function at your very best. Certainly, no written test can determine better than you and a qualified professional can if your drinking  is out of your control. Often the fear of becoming “alcoholic” keeps people from confronting the issue altogether. Self education is the best tool you can arm yourself with. One way you can learn more about the signs of alcoholism is to read information made available on this web site, by speaking with an addictions specialist or by calling our admissions office to address any concerns you might have.

You answered yes to five or more questions:

Your responses suggest that drinking has become a real problem for you and that your drinking or using is consistent with most definitions of alcoholism. Good for you for being so honest about your drinking. We know it’s a cliche, but admitting your problem, even to yourself is the first and most vital step you can take to a better life. We strongly encourage you to consult with our admissions office to find out how you can work towards a better life free of alcohol. We will never pressure you to make a decision you are not comfortable with and if you need a referral we can help you find the best referral source for you. There are literally millions of people with who have taken charge of their lives by seeking help and are now able to live healthier, happier, and much more productively.


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