Gold Standard Program

Alcohol Addiction Treatment We wanted to provide a less expensive form of our Luxury Program to ensure that people of all financial standings can get the assistance they require, so we created the Crossing Point Program.

We focus on the individual and the root causes of their addiction, and by addressing these critical factors we are able to help eliminate relapse. We provide private therapy sessions and group counselling to address issues such as depression, anxiety, codependency, anger, limitations, trauma, loss and grief.


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada









An encouraging, caring family atmosphere for recovery.

With no more than six adult clients in rehabilitation at once, clients will rapidly feel like part of a close, tightly knit family. Every client will receive an abundance of individual attention and luxury within a small, individualized group.

Understanding how to live a sober existence takes practice, guidance and encouragement.

Valiant Recovery’s Sober Living

An encouraging atmosphere and support from peers are both essential to a full recovery. Sober living houses allow clients to complete their recuperation within a stable environment where sobriety is the priority.

Addiction Treatment

  • No less than Eight private sessions every month with our professional staff
  • Personalized small groups
  • Daily gym access
  • Meals prepared by staff
  • Leisure activities on weekends

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