What Causes Eating Disorders?

eating disorder, what causes eating disorders

What causes eating disorders? These disorders are illnesses that impact a normal diet and weight, and symptoms can include eating a lot of food compulsively, eating little or no food, or even eating and then throwing up or working out excessively to counteract the food consumed. Eating disorders are characterized by abnormal eating patterns and habits or an unrealistic body image and expectations. Some of the most common eating disorders include binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia. These disorders can occur at any age, and both males and females can be affected although females tend to experience eating disorders more frequently than males. There is treatment available but eating disorders can be difficult to overcome and therapy may take some time to get results. Without help many who have an eating disorder could suffer poor health or even die.

What causes eating disorders to occur? The factors may vary in each specific case, but usually there is a complex answer that includes biology, genes, social issues, and psychological factors that all combine in a complicated way. Studies on eating disorders have allowed the medical community to understand these illnesses better, and in some ways these illnesses are similar to substance abuse. Even though the individual knows that their actions are harmful they continue to starve or overeat, and this can have devastating consequences on the health of the individual. Understanding what causes eating disorders is the first step to resolving these illnesses and getting treatment. If you or someone you love have an eating disorder there is help available, and treatment can give you your old life back.

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