Group Therapy

Group TherapyIt is crucial in the process of recovery for the person in recovery to connect with their peers to gain perspective on the effects of addiction. Also, it is effective to identify commonalities with other people as an important measure of attaining self-understanding. Addicted people frequently claim they feel isolated and alone, with no one who can understand what they are going through. Group treatments show them how common it is to feel the way they feel.

Throughout each group therapy period we encourage respectful relationships through honesty, encouragement and good listening, and by reacting with your own personal experiences. We request that you restrain from saying anything damaging or rude. For those who have misunderstandings or questions, please request clarification to benefit yourself and the others in the group. We are taking these healing steps together and wish to learn as much about each other as possible. Group therapy is a place to recover, unload and feel secure together as we support one another.

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