Addiction to Opiates

Opiate addictionOpiate addiction occurs when drugs created with opium poppies are abused. These drugs are known for the euphoric state they put the user in, which is why they are so addictive. Often, an opiate addiction starts when an individual requires a medical opiate prescription. The doctor prescribes opiate based medication to ease the discomfort, but as time passes, the user develops a tolerance to the medication and their system becomes resistant to the drug’s effects. They start taking more than what is recommended to feel the same effects, and an opiate addiction begins as the user develops a tolerance.

An opiate addiction may have severe, devastating effects. Opiate drugs depress the respiratory system, resulting in shallow, slow breathing, or they might stop the respiratory system altogether. Prescription opiates are available under a range of names, for example morphine or codeine. Opiate addiction causes many health problems and medical complications, the most severe of which is a lethal overdose. Opiate addiction is frequently coupled with substance abuse, which can make its effects even more dangerous.

Initially, the opiate substance is consumed orally in pill form. Because the addiction strengthens with time, the drug may be crushed and snorted to quicken the effects of the drug. In severe cases, the substance abuse progresses to the point of injecting the substance into a vein with a hypodermic needle. Opiate addiction progresses over time, as does the destruction to the user’s life.

In the event that you or someone you know becomes addicted to opiates, there are treatment programs available to you that offer advanced recovery methods. If you suffer from addiction in any form,Valiant Recovery can help, and we encourage you to take the initial step of learning about the addiction help that could change your life.

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