Admission Information

Admission Information

We know that selecting a recovery program is an extremely important decision which can effect the quality of one’s life. Selecting the best rehab can offer you an enduring recovery, free of destructive addictions, while selecting the incorrect recovery path can lead to frustrations, set backs and even death.

At Valiant Recovery, we are here to help you succeed in your recovery goals. We want nothing more than to change your future from one of desperation to one of hope and freedom.

Do you or a family member need assistance?

Destructive addictions do not only change the addict, but the individuals around them as well. Getting help for yourself or for the one you love might be the most important choice you ever make. Destructive addictions destroy your mind, body and spirit, and can lead to death. We strongly encourage you to request help today.

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At Valiant Recovery, you want to take proper care of yourself and the individuals you love. We offer no less than four hours per week of personal one-on-one counseling services within our luxury program.

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