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intervention helpThe most common characteristic of addiction is denial. Whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling or eating, the addict will often deny they have a problem even when their warning signs are severe. It is very hard for friends and family members to watch as their loved one suffers from addiction. An intervention, such as an alcohol or drug intervention, is a pre-planned meeting of family members and friends who attempt to convince the addict to seek professional treatment for their addiction. Intervention techniques depend strongly on the support of everyone close to the addict in order to impress the severity of the problem on everyone. This is as much for the benefit of friends and family members who are co-dependent or enablers as it is for the addict. This kind of treatment puts focus on the health of the entire family unit, not just the addict. One of the most common types of intervention is an alcohol intervention, as alcoholism is often hereditary and largely affects the whole family. Direct interventions are held with a trained intervention specialist, along with the family members and friends who are close to the addict. At Valiant Recovery, we provide assistance in carrying out alcohol and drug interventions for family members. Facing a person with destructive addictions can be demanding, frightening and upsetting to any and all who are involved, which makes our Intervention Assistance invaluable. The specialist talks with the group of people who are worried about their family member to establish and plan a method for facing the addicted person. An intervention may be the first step in getting a family member to find treatment. Our intervention specialist have a 90 percent success rate in convincing family members to enroll in a treatment program. Do you need the services of an Interventionist?

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