4 Things to do For a Loved One Who Needs Eating Disorder Treatment

loved one eating disorder treatment

1. If someone you car about has anorexia nervosa then they need support from you as well as eating disorder treatment. Avoid using negative attempts like threats, getting angry, blowing up at the person from frustration, and trying to scare or put them down. These tactics do not work and they are not supportive, instead you will drive the individual away and farther into the eating disorder.

2. Remember that you can not solve this problem, but you can offer support and sympathy when this is needed. You do not suffer from anorexia nervosa so you do not fully understand what the person is going through but you can be a sounding board or a trusted friend or family member who does not judge or make negative comments.

3. Taking care of yourself is important when you are dealing with someone who needs eating disorder treatment. You can seek professional advice about the problem that your loved one is facing, and you can help enlarge the support group available to the person. Make sure that you do not neglect yourself when trying to help someone else though or you will not be much help at all.

4. Be a role model for the person with anorexia nervosa, not the food police for someone who needs eating disorder treatment. Food situations are stressful enough on the individual without you demanding or hovering. Avoid being judgmental, and make sure that you do not make negative comments about your own body or weight.


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