4 Very Important Mental Illness Facts

mental illness facts

1. One important truth about mental illness is that this does not happen alone, there are many other factors at play as well. Your genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle and habits, substance abuse, traumas in your past, and even your family ties and social relationships can all play a part in the development of mental health disorders. All of these factors must be considered when treatment is provided.

2. The facts and statistics on mental illness show that these conditions may be different for each person who has them. There is no standard set of symptoms for a specific condition, each person may have varying symptoms and levels of severity that play a role in the treatment outcome. There is no single type or typical case for any mental disorder and this can complicate the diagnosis and treatment process.

3. Mental illness is not a weakness or a condition that can be eliminated just because the individual wants this, and just getting over it is not an option for those who have these disorders. If someone you loved broke their leg you would not tell them to suck it up and heal themselves and the same is true with a mental health disorder. These conditions are as real and as serious as physical ailments.

4. Everyone has bad days, and this is true for people who are mentally ill as well. Understand that some days will be worse than others and try to be compassionate and patient. If someone tells you they are experiencing symptoms then encourage them to seek help, don’t ignore them or assume that they are just looking for attention.

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