5 Holiday Coping Tips for Those in Substance Abuse Recovery

holiday coping tips substance abuse recovery

1. One of the most important holiday coping tips when you are in substance abuse recovery is to attend extra meetings and therapy sessions during this tough time of the year. Right now you need support more than ever, and extra sessions and meetings can help you stay on the right track and avoid a relapse.

2. Schedule every single day during the next month or so. Relapse often happens when an individual has free time and they are at loose ends. By scheduling and planning each day out you will lower the risk of this happening and stay on your road to recovery without any detours.

3. Discuss your recovery with friends and family members and ask for their support during this difficult time. Those who truly care about you will offer their support in your efforts. Avoid any parties or events where you may be tempted to slide backwards. You don’t have to give any other reason except that it is a busy time and you have other commitments.

4. Be wary of certain treats and food items. Rum balls, rum cake, fruitcakes soaked in brandy, eggnog, and spiked punch are all choices that typically contain alcohol. If you are not sure whether an item is alcoholic ask the host or hostess to make sure before you consume it.

5. Don’t give in to the temptation to hide away locked in your home. This can lead to social isolation and contribute to a relapse. Instead spend time with people who are supportive and who will help you reach your substance abuse recovery goals.

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