5 Physical Signs of Internet Addiction

signs of internet addiction1. Changes in Weight- An Internet addiction can often causes severe weight changes. It is possible to lose or gain weight when you are lost in the online world. Weight loss can occur because you are not eating, so caught up in your online activities that even basics like making and eating food is too much hassle. Weight gain is also common because you get little physical exercise while you are sitting at the computer all the time.

2. Vision Strain- If you have frequent severe headaches, eye strain, or constantly dry eyes then this can be a sign that online addiction help may be needed. These symptoms are from continuously looking at the monitor, as well as not getting enough rest.

3. Disturbances with Sleep- Not getting good sleep quality can be another sign of Internet addiction. When you have this issue you may find that your sleep is frequently disturbed, and you wake up feeling like you did not sleep at all. This sleep is not restful or healing, instead it just complicates matters.

4. Aches in Your Back and Neck- These are common signs that online addiction help may be needed. When you sit in front of a monitor for long periods of time then you start to develop aches in the back and neck area from the strain of this sitting position.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- This medical condition can be brought on by an Internet addiction. You may experience pain and tingling in the wrists and hands, and these areas may go completely numb in severe cases.

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