5 Reasons Designer Drugs Are so Dangerous

designer drug, drug abuse

1. When a designer drug is used the individual does not actually know what they are taking. Samples of different batches which are supposed to be the same drug will often show a large difference in the components of the substance. One dose may contain far more of the active ingredient than another.

2. This form of drug abuse is like playing Russian roulette, because these drugs do not have any standards for quality or manufacturing processes in place. Legal prescribed drugs are all carefully controlled during their manufacture but this is not the case with the designer versions and contamination can easily occur.

3. Using a designer drug can increase the possibility that you have a reaction of some type to one of the ingredients in the substance that you take. Since there is no oversight or standardization in the manufacturing and these drugs are made in illegal underground labs you are taking a big risk every time you ingest one of these substances.

4. All types of drug abuse, even the abuse of legally prescribed medications, can cause damage to tissues, organs, and systems in your body. Since you do not visit your physician and discuss the illegal drugs that you plan on taking you could experience unusual or even deadly side effects as a result.

5. Using any type of illegal drug can increase the risk that you are arrested or even incarcerated, and this situation could also place you in a dangerous position because of the drug abuse. Dealing with unsavory types who deal illegal street drugs can also be risky and place you in unsafe situations.

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