Can You Force Someone to Get Help with Substance Abuse or Addiction?

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Many people wonder if it is possible to force someone to get help to deal with substance abuse or addiction, and this question often comes from friends and family members of the user who are desperate. There are cases where treatment for substance abuse or addiction are forced on the individual, typically when a criminal case is brought and the court orders the person to get the needed help. These situations show that a permanent recovery is possible even when the treatment is forced on the individual in some cases, but this scenario is not ideal and the user has a better chance of recovery if they actually want help and seek treatment on their own. Another important factor is the type of substance abuse treatment that is received, and this factor is a big consideration.

Substance abuse treatment and help for addiction that is forced can be effective or it can be a quick fix that is not permanent. Many substance abuse programs only include group counseling without any individual sessions, and this has been proven to provide less effective results. Individual counseling is a key to a full and permanent recovery because the user has the opportunity to work through the issues that are causing the addiction and resolve these hidden wounds and invisible issues. If substance abuse treatment is forced and it includes individual counseling several times a week then it can be highly effective. This is true even if the user is hesitant to get treatment in the first place.


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